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Gears of war hints

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Gears of war

Cog tags

During campaign mode you will come across the red gear logo scattered around, this indicates that there is a cog tag near.


Press LB for more information about weapon spawns and players locations.

Gears of war tips

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Gears of war

Gnasher shotgun

The gnasher shotgun is best used when aiming down the site, however a quick tap of the aim button (LT) then shoot (RT) is much more efficient than holding LT and shooting.  This causes the shot to be accurate aswell as fast and allowing movement.


Whilst shooting the gnasher it’s best to move from side to side instead of remaining stationary, this causes problems for the opposition trying to shoot you. Also some people like to spam A which causes players to latch on to objects and jump between them, however this does not always work and is also classed as ‘Nooby’


Boomer – Some players shoot directly at the opponent thinking that this is the only way to gain a kill, however the best way to achieve a kill with the boomer is to shoot at the ground of where the playing is standing.

Tongue bow – To gain a kill with the togue bow is to start charging the shot before you enter and highly populated area, this gives you the advantage of not having to waste time of charging the shot, also if you gain an active reload the charge time is decreased dramatically.

Longshot – Depending on personal preference whether you  scope or zoom  is entirely up to you,  zooming is much more accurate for long distance while scoping gives you a much wider view, when an opponent is running towards you scope and shoot, never zoom. When an opponent is behind cover or about to pick up a weapon zoom.

Hammer of dawn – Hammer of dawn is never my choice of weapon, simply because im dire with it, however this still doesn’t mean i know a few tricks. if you see a target that is far away try aiming at something higher or at the side of the target instead of at the opponent. Also charge the hammer of dawn by aiming at something close to you then quickly target the opponent for an easy kill.



Gears of war multiplayer

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Gears of war

Gears of war is the first game in the trilogy so we as consumers would expect some minor issues, however overall the multiplayer gaming experience for the time was pretty descent. Gears of war multiplayer consisted of four different games modes, these being.

Kill the opposition

Warzone – each team tries to eliminate every member of the opposing team.

Chainsaw Kill

Hold B for a chainsaw kill

Execution –   in order for a player to die they must be  executed. An execution is when you kill a downed enemy from a very short distance by pressing X or B. However, you can also kill an enemy in Execution by a chainsaw kill, a direct Boomshot hit, a grenade tag, a powered up Torque Bow shot, or a headshot from a Longshot, Snub Pistol, Boltok Pistol, or Gnasher.

Leader of the COG in assassination

Leader of the locust in assassination

Assassination – one player on each team is chosen as the leader, these players will take the form of Hoffman (Cog) or RAAM (Locust). The main aim of this game mode is to kill the opposing leader, if the opposing leader is left alive the opposition will remain to re-spwan. Only by killing the leader will cut of the opposing sides re-spawns.

Stand in the ring to rack up the points

Annex –  in order for a team to  win they must keep control over key map locations, or objectives, long enough to collect a winning number of points. Every map has two to five identified objectives available for capture, with one objective active at a time. Objectives are based on map weapon-spawn locations and have a potential value of 60 points toward either team’s score. in order to capture the objective one player must stand inside the ring which is placed around the key weapon spawn. in order to break the oppositions point scoring, a team member must interrupt the possession by jumping into the glowing ring.

King of the hill (PC exclusive) –  similar to annex except for three differences, these being. the point scoring ring never moves within the round, at least one member of the controlling team must remain in the ring to continue scoring points, and while a team has the hill they cannot re-spawn.


War Machine
Clock Tower
Fuel Depot
Tyro Station

Map pack released 1/10/07  (Free)

Old Bones
Raven Down

‘Hidden Fronts’ Map pack released 5/3/07  (800 MP / After 9/3/07  free)

Bullet Marsh

PC Exclusive maps

Gold Rush

Gears of war was very imaginative on some of the weapons which were present, below is the list of every weapon in Gears of war.



The game’s main weapon, the Lancer is everyone’s default weapon in multiplayer, and the gun you’ll wield the most in the single-player campaign too.

Snub pistol

Snub Pistol

This is the default  pistol that’s in your inventory at the start of the game.

Gnasher Shotgun

Gnasher Shotgun

The Gnasher is the Gears’ natural “up-close-and-personal” weapon, and just about the only weapon in the game that rivals the Lancer’s chainsaw bayonet up-close.


Longshot Sniper Rifle

The camper’s favorite, the Longshot is Gears of War’s ultimate ranged weapon. Two body-shots will result in a downing; one headshot and it’s over. The Longshot’s scope gives incredible zoom, allowing you to pick off targets from across the other side of maps

Frag grenades


Ideal for flushing out enemies behind cover, Gears of War’s grenades are relatively plentiful throughout the single-player and multiplayer modes.

Torgue bow

Torgue Bow

The Torque Bow is one of Gears of War’s more inventive weapons. Hold down your firing trigger for longer for a more powerful shot



Also known as the “Locust Rifle”, this is the first main weapon you’ll use in the single-player campaign, firing four rounds in quick succession.

Boltok revolver


In terms of damage and range, it comes somewhere in between the Gnasher and the Longshot. A headshot with the Revolver always means instant death, and a body shot is a great way to take down an injured enemy.

Hammer of dawn

Hammer of dawn

The game’s orbital death cannon, the Hammer of Dawn is controlled via target painters found around the game world. Generally, you’ll want to be outside and high up in order to get the best out of this weapon.



The Boomshot is Gears of War’s rocket launcher, carried by Locust Boomers in the single-player campaign.


At the time Gears of war was the best multiplayer game to hit Xbox live, even though the game was full of bugs.

One problem which the fans found with the game was the lag. if the host of the game had a poor connection this would make the entire game suffer. Also who ever did host the game had the advantage of having no lag, thus allowing him to be the most dominating player, making the game unfair.

Another issue found was the ability to hack the game. A hack known as “Crab Walking” was found where the player was able to run at a faster speed and become impossible to hit. Another was allowing players to back flip out of the map allowing them to hide through the entire game mode, for something like Annex this would be pointless but for something like Execution this could tie every game.  “Host shotgun” was also a known hack which allowed the player to have zero lag whilst firing the Gnasher, how true this was I don’t know.