Gears of war 2 tips

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Gears of war 2


The main tips for Gears of war 2 is to work together, Gears of war is much different to Gears of war 2 on this front since teamwork is essential . in Gears of war you were able to be Rambo and do everything by your self, well if you think that will cut it in Gears of war 2 you will be literally plowed.


The main weapon seems to be the boomer, doing a lot of damage and killing players instantly. The boomer contains 3 shoots with each shot having the potential to becoming one shot one kill. having the boomer is a great upside to you and your team, since the opposition seem to avoid every player they come across who wields this beast of a weapon.


Smoke grenades are a great way for you and your team mates to gain the element of surprise. Smoke grenade burst causing a thick layer of smoke causing a high amount of distraction. use them wisely, see about three of the locust charging you? throw a smoke and become the ninja and eliminate each one.


if you’re the leader of your pack the best thing to do is hide, some morons think it’s funny to charge into the opposing team and get a pure ass kicking before the match has even started. Stick at spawn. If your team is out after the other leader stay somewhere which is A) away from the action and B) not in sight.  You will also notice that the opposition will start spawning behind you, don’t sweat,  just run like hell.


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