Gears of war tips

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Gears of war

Gnasher shotgun

The gnasher shotgun is best used when aiming down the site, however a quick tap of the aim button (LT) then shoot (RT) is much more efficient than holding LT and shooting.  This causes the shot to be accurate aswell as fast and allowing movement.


Whilst shooting the gnasher it’s best to move from side to side instead of remaining stationary, this causes problems for the opposition trying to shoot you. Also some people like to spam A which causes players to latch on to objects and jump between them, however this does not always work and is also classed as ‘Nooby’


Boomer – Some players shoot directly at the opponent thinking that this is the only way to gain a kill, however the best way to achieve a kill with the boomer is to shoot at the ground of where the playing is standing.

Tongue bow – To gain a kill with the togue bow is to start charging the shot before you enter and highly populated area, this gives you the advantage of not having to waste time of charging the shot, also if you gain an active reload the charge time is decreased dramatically.

Longshot – Depending on personal preference whether you  scope or zoom  is entirely up to you,  zooming is much more accurate for long distance while scoping gives you a much wider view, when an opponent is running towards you scope and shoot, never zoom. When an opponent is behind cover or about to pick up a weapon zoom.

Hammer of dawn – Hammer of dawn is never my choice of weapon, simply because im dire with it, however this still doesn’t mean i know a few tricks. if you see a target that is far away try aiming at something higher or at the side of the target instead of at the opponent. Also charge the hammer of dawn by aiming at something close to you then quickly target the opponent for an easy kill.




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