Gears of war 3 mulitplayer

Posted: October 10, 2011 in Gears of war 3

Gears of war 3 is the final installment to the trilogy, and i must say this game is close to being perfect. Gears of war 3 has been highly anticipated since it has been three years since Gears of war 2 hit our screens. Epic have done exceptionally well in listening to the fans and providing what we all wanted, which was no lag, more exciting game modes and bigger and badder weapons, all of which was achievable within the time frame of 3 years.

Game mode additions

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch – Each team has 15 re-spawns, each time a team member dies the re-spawns deplete. Main goal it to eliminate the entire teams re-spawns

Capture the leader

Capture the Leader – Teams must capture the oppositions leader and hold on to them for a set period of time.

Beast mode

Beast mode – Players play as the various Locust forces attempting to kill all the humans manning a command post across twelve rounds.

Additional maps



Old town






Additional weaponry

Incendiary Grenade

Incendiary Grenade – incendiary grenades will be used in a similar fashion ink grenades are used: area denial and crowd control.

Digger Launcher

Digger – This gun fires a little creature called a Digger that burrows underground and starts digging towards the opposition. The digger travels under objects to explode and kill anyone caught in its path.

One - Shot

One – Shot – The One-Shot is a highly powered, single-shot sniper rifle. The one shot’s name says a lot about the weapon, it is indeed a one shot kill.

Retro Lancer

Retro lancer – The retro lancers accuracy is really poor, however the damage it causes is really high. The retro lancer is best used on close quarters match, due to its accuracy.

Sawed off shotgun

Sawed-off shotgun – The shortest range of any gun in the game, but it also has the largest bite. When in range, the sawed-off can rip someone in half with one shot.





Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Gears of war 2 hints

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Gears of war 2

Same as Gears one, if you notice a red gears logo then there is defiantly a COG tag near by.

If you hear the locust shouting then your most definitely going to encounter them.

Always kill this big guys first, dont bother with the drones as your main targets, focus on the Grinders, Boomers, Maulers and Kantas.

Gears of war 2 tips

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Gears of war 2


The main tips for Gears of war 2 is to work together, Gears of war is much different to Gears of war 2 on this front since teamwork is essential . in Gears of war you were able to be Rambo and do everything by your self, well if you think that will cut it in Gears of war 2 you will be literally plowed.


The main weapon seems to be the boomer, doing a lot of damage and killing players instantly. The boomer contains 3 shoots with each shot having the potential to becoming one shot one kill. having the boomer is a great upside to you and your team, since the opposition seem to avoid every player they come across who wields this beast of a weapon.


Smoke grenades are a great way for you and your team mates to gain the element of surprise. Smoke grenade burst causing a thick layer of smoke causing a high amount of distraction. use them wisely, see about three of the locust charging you? throw a smoke and become the ninja and eliminate each one.


if you’re the leader of your pack the best thing to do is hide, some morons think it’s funny to charge into the opposing team and get a pure ass kicking before the match has even started. Stick at spawn. If your team is out after the other leader stay somewhere which is A) away from the action and B) not in sight.  You will also notice that the opposition will start spawning behind you, don’t sweat,  just run like hell.

Gears of war 2 mulitplayer

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Gears of war 2

Gears of war 2 is the second installment to the trilogy of Gears of war. Gears of war 2 promises to bring an upgraded multiplayer experience with slight improvements and additions to Xbox live.
Game mode additions


Submission – This is a variant on classic Capture-the-Flag, but instead of having a flag sitting in the center of a stage waiting to be captured, a hostile AI-controlled Stranded will be waiting to do battle. The main aim is to capture the AI and hold on to him as long as possible in the dedicated zone.


Wingman – Here the ten possible players, up from the original game’s eight, are broken up into sets of 2. Each pair will share the same character model, and have to hunt throughout the map to kill as much of the opposition as possible.

Guardian – Guardian is basically assassination applying the same rules as having to kill each leader to deplete the oppositions re-spawns


Horde  – Horde mode is a co-op bases addition to the game, allowing four players to battle through 50 waves of locust. The main objective is to complete all 50 waves for an achievement and leaderboard scores.

Map additions




Blood Drive





Day One


Flashback Map Pack





Tyro Station

Combustible Map Pack released 15/12/08


Gold Rush

Fuel Station

Snowblind Map Pack released 31/03/09 (800 Ms Points)



Fuel Depot

Under Hill

Dark Corners Map Pack released 28/07/09 (1200 Ms Points)

Allfathers Garden



War Machine




Weapon additions


Boom shield – The boom shield is a bullet and explosive resistant shield wielded by Locust Maulers.

Hammerburst 2

Hammerburst II – The hammerburst II possesses a semi-automatic fire mode and a 17-round (15 AR) magazine capacity.

Ink grenade

Ink Grenade – When triggered, the Ink Grenade releases a thick, black and green poisonous smoke for a short amount of time. The smoke damages enemies and obscures the vision of enemy players


Mortar – Like all mortars, it is a long-ranged, indirect-firing weapon intended to deal with troops in cover, keep foes pinned down, and deal with large clusters of enemies at once.


Scorcher – The Scorcher is a lightweight, man-portable, dry chemical-fuel flamethrower


like Gears of war high expectations where for the multiplayer, fans where wanting new maps new weaponry which Epic provided, however the situation which was still needed to be fixed was the lag and hoast advantage. Hosts where running riot online killing everyone due to them not receiving any lag. When the game was first released no one noticed the lag and was quite happily playing the game with lag, however when such games as Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 came out which seemed to have zero lag, Gears of war 2 was put to shame.

Gears of war hints

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Gears of war

Cog tags

During campaign mode you will come across the red gear logo scattered around, this indicates that there is a cog tag near.


Press LB for more information about weapon spawns and players locations.